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Creating & growing value by making diversified, capital efficient investments for guaranteed wealth.

Pooling high-growth, high-return, short and long-term investments in meaningful sectors that create our future during periods of economic growth or decline. 

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What do we invest in?

Qualified opportunities that can thrive during any period of economic change. 

Digital Assets, Web3, Emerging Technologies

The contemporary world of technology as we know it is changing at an unprecedented rate. Web3 is redefining the Internet through decentralization; tokenization is creating fractional ownership; and interoperability is transforming business transactions at scale. We selectively invest in discreet crypto projects, digital assets, and infrastructure in trading, financial services, communication, media, transportation, and more, using emerging technologies that produce growth and needed economic change. 

Start-Ups, Disruptive Solutions (technology-driven)

According to Harvard Business Review* "disruptive startups" attract more funding than those seeking to "build." We believe one cannot be a true disruptor without being an even stronger builder. This is why we invest in and build startups that, by design, are blue ocean to mitigate market risk and achieve success in the face of unstable economic conditions.

Income Generating Real Estate (residential, commercial)

Investing in income-generating real estate properties, both commercial and residential, provides reliable, long-term passive income in real-world assets, given that those related property and market values typically increase over time. We selectively invest in or build real estate ventures as part of our strategy for creating sustainable wealth. 


About Bennick & Reid Family Offices (BRFO)

BRFO was founded on the principle of capital-efficient investments in meaningful sectors that create measurable wealth during any period of economic change. 

BRFO is the administration and investment management office for the families of Jason L. Bennick and Wesley Reid, performing personalized wealth management, coordination, and family legacy planning and administration.


Virtually headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, BRFO seeks to make direct, long-term capital-efficient investments in diversified markets, channels, and industries that have a lasting impact on our future. 

Since the onset of Covid-19 in 2020, recent geopolitical unrest, global economic shifts, and the embrace of digital assets, BRFO sees these conditions as growth opportunities to be captured in both the short and long term. 

Formed with a vision to back industry-changing ideas and opportunities, BRFO seeks to increase family wealth through innovation and giving back, guiding all family office activities in this regard. 

BRFO consists of two operational units. Wealth Operations focus on wealth generation through investing in qualified opportunities. Family Operations manage philanthropic giving and humanitarian causes while overseeing and administering all related family office activities for the Bennick and Reid families. 

Investment Criteria

Investment opportunities are guided through predetermined criteria for initial evaluation and ultimate decision-making. These parameters are used to determine the investment quality of an opportunity by the Founders.

High Growth, High Return

We seek to invest in companies with a track record of consistent revenue and earnings growth and industries with high growth potential, such as Web 3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, emerging technologies, or e-commerce. We diversify with a mix of growth stocks with the potential for rapid appreciation and growth-oriented mutual funds or ETFs to maximize returns.


We seek to invest a sizable portion of our portfolio to innovative and disruptive initiatives that are at the forefront of technological advancements, as they have the potential for substantial growth. We seek to invest in startups or venture capital funds to gain exposure to cutting-edge innovation.


We prioritize investments in assets and companies aligned with current market trends and consumer preferences and across wide public demand, while not necessarily subject to regulatory constraints. We will regularly review and adjust our investment portfolio to ensure it remains relevant in a changing market landscape.


We address market timing by carefully monitoring economic indicators and market trends to identify opportune moments to buy or sell assets. We seek to employ a systematic investment approach, such as dollar-cost averaging, to reduce the impact of market timing errors and build wealth long term.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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